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Do you like thrillers? Character driven novels? Non fiction? Check out my author page on Amazon or click on the covers.


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Consider these

The first Dave Haggard thriller

"You have to love a good, solid thriller. They're the nouveau noir of our generation; the literary jazz of Gen-Xers" Amazon reviewer

"Brass Knuckles packs a serious punch. The 2nd book in the Dave Haggard series grabs your attention within the first couple of pages."

"Don't start reading DETONATOR if you have an imminent engagement. You'll miss it. You will feel pretty sure you know how the story is going to end but you have no idea how the plot will get you there or who will still be alive."

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"A great read! 9MM Solution is a non-stop thrill ride through the underbelly of Washington, D.C. And it's always good to welcome back one of my favorite heroes, Dave Haggard." Jeffrey Deaver, mega-selling thriller writer.


"The stories of 7 men--all with odds stacked against them at the start who managed, through hard work and perseverance to rise to a a measure of fame in their respective fields. Now in their 70's, they sum up their lives--their hits and misses--and their thoughts about the people who helped them along the way. You'll be surprised by the similarities of those who proved they had the "right stuff." You don't have to be old to appreciate their views, but if you ARE, you'll find yourself in good company. Matthews guides them along with the skill of a reporter who once won a Peabody award." Amazon reviewer

You will find yourself willing this

eighteen-year-old to make decent choices, maybe even devout choices. Why? Because you cannot help but fall in love with the underlying depth of his human spirit. You want him to survive. You want him to make right decisions and recognize the strength he holds within his fingers.

Regis Schilken
Author of:
Tears of Deceit

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