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What's America telling Jim Bohannon?

Jim Bohannon is one of America's most listened to radio talk show hosts. His nightly program is heard by millions of listeners coast to coast. They call in to tell him what's on their minds and right now they are thinking about COVID 19 and being stuck at home with no place to go. In many ways he has a better idea of what Americans are thinking than the folks in Washington who don't seem to know what they, the folks in Washington, are thinking.

"I hear a lot of frustration, even some anger. Mixed in with that would be a certain amount of determination to gut this thing out."

His audience is spread out but mostly, in his opinion, in smaller markets and rural areas where COVID 19 has not been as devastating as it's been in more urban areas. But he also gets calls from big cities.

"Overall, it's frustration and a certain amount of anger. A lot of people feel that this went way beyond what was necessary in terms of protecting the public."

America is divided as much as it's ever been and these troubled times bring out the divide. Us versus them. "There's a feeling that someone who disagrees with you is wrong and they are motivated to do harm to the country. That's a problem," he says.

Jim doesn't say it so I will. Maybe if our so-called leaders spent as much time listening to Americans as they do in trashing each other they would near the frustration and offer some real solutions. In my own life I hear frustration every day. Not just about the current crisis but about our government. There's a widespread feeling that the folks running the country don't know what they're doing. Constant sniping at the other side isn't helping. Maybe they should listen to the folks calling Jim Bohannon to get a feel for what Americans are thinking.

Just in case they want to check it out, here's the link

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